SSS: Trick or Treat

Week #2!  I’m so excited to be here, too.

This week I’m sharing a piece from a work-in-progress entitled “Trick or Treat”.  Enjoy!


Overhead the night sky was littered with stars.    The moon, little more than a pale sliver, hung low on the horizon.  The atmosphere would begin to change color soon – he could feel morning coming.

They were two days out of New York, and still another day from New Orleans – the destination he’d only learned upon boarding.  With each night that melted away into dawn, Henry’s anxiety grew.  He hadn’t a clue what was in store for him, but the closer he came to his destination, the more he felt he’d made a grave mistake.

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Six Sentence Sunday – Haunted

Today we’re off on a new adventure… Six Sentence Sunday.  Here’s my very first offering from my first published work, “Haunted”.  It’s horror, so fair warning to all who enter.  Other than that, please enjoy it.


“So…” she continued, her tone muted, “they’re dead?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure.”

She swallowed audibly. “What were they looking for?”

I sighed. “Grampa used to tell us stories about a woman on the stairs and an imp in the basement.”


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