A Bloody Valentine: Julianne Snow

Ever heard that phrase “save the best for last”? I have, and I plan to. I’ve read a bit of this lady’s stuff, and she’s pretty freakin’ good. Just sayin’.

Final victim of the night: Julianne Snow.


It’s Valentine’s Day. What’s your take on the “Most Romantic Day of the Year”?

Honestly, it’s really just another day to me. Sure, romantic gestures tend to take place and you’re more often than not likely to receive flowers, but does one really need a day especially for romance? Why can’t every day be a romantic one?

What made you decide horror would be your genre of choice?

I’d like to think it was a conscious choice, but it truly wasn’t—when I picked up the pen, horror is what came out of me…

From where do you pull your horror inspiration?

From the world around me would be the simplest way to say it. Sure, I may write about supernatural creatures or monsters some of the time, but the crux of what the story itself hinges upon are pulled from real world experiences or occurrences.

What is one horror stereotype you absolutely despise? What is one you love?

I think it’s the stereotype that horror itself is not a viable genre or a worthwhile one to explore. Horror fanatics exist, even those who aren’t willing to admit it to themselves. As for one that I love—how can anyone pick from all their darlings?? I suppose there are a few that are fairly tired, but someone always finds a way to rejuvenate it!

What scares you?

I don’t get scared all that often, but there are a few things that truly frighten me (and yes, I consider them different things… A scare is something that momentarily shocks you, but to be frightened is an altogether different kettle of fish!). I think the state of the world frightens me, especially a lot of the events happening overseas at the moment.


Edited by Jerry E. Benns
From Charon Coin Press

Julianne Snow is featured in Illinois and New Jersey.

State of Horror: Illinois State of Horror: New Jersey State of Horror: North Carolina
State of Horror: Illinois State of Horror: New Jersey State of Horror North Carolina
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