Monday Mix Tape: The Soul Collectors

Mornin’ creeps!

I figured we’d kick this thing of right. As y’all know, thanks to Seventh Star Press, Devil’s Daughter is back in the spotlight, and its sister novel, Armageddon Rising is coming up fast behind it. I’ve spent a lot of time in this world over the last two years (we won’t rehash the story, I promise), so I thought it fitting to share a taste of the playlist that’s building this world. It’s a four-and-a-half hour playlist right now, and while it’s metal-centric, there’s some interesting variety.

The whole list can be found here through Spotify: Soul Collectors


Apocalyptica: Worlds Collide

Melodic, heavy instrumental with cellos. One of my favorite contemporary instrumentals, and it definitely sets the mood for when I climb into Lydia’s head.


REM: Losing My Religion

I’ve loved this song for years, but it’s sort of the anti-theme song for Lydia. I think through her trials being the Devil’s right hand, she’s actually gaining a little ground there.

Slayer: Raining Blood

Vicious, violent, and excellent for writing a good fight scene.


Black Veil Brides: Wretched and Divine

It fits the theme. Beautifully. And I just love this song in a big, stupid way.

Nine Inch Nails: Meet Your Master

We’re not going to talk about my longstanding and unhealthy love affair with Nine Inch Nails. We’re going to talk about how this is pretty much the theme song of Devil’s Daughter. The master becoming the servant and the end is nigh? Yeah. Works pretty well. And this man has quite possibly the sexiest voice ever. But we weren’t going to talk about that…

Shinedown: Second Chance

This one is self explanatory for anyone who knows the series, the characters, and the story. I do love this song too.

God Module: Levitation

Yeah. This just sort of says it all. Have a listen. Read the lyrics. Yeah.


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