Okay, So I Lied About That Thing I Said Earlier.

Remember how I said (and apparently keep saying) that I’m going to do better and actually be a better blogger, writer, reader, and all around human being? Yeah…no. Ain’t happening. I have, yet again, failed miserably.

It’s the first week in February in a brand new year and I still haven’t accomplished shit. Blog-wise, of course.

But you know what? That’s okay. Because if I’m not here prattling on about whatever mundane little things are happening in my life, it means I might actually be getting work done somewhere else.  I intentionally don’t make resolutions because I don’t like making myself feel guilty for not upholding that bizarre new-year oath that in all honesty doesn’t amount to much. I don’t have the time to feel guilty or pat myself on the head and say “There, there. It’s okay. You’re only human.” I KNOW I’M HUMAN G**DAMMIT! I accepted that a long time ago. In this case, all of that is pretty much why I’m not here. I’m expending all of my effort and what little time I have doing other – dare I say it, more productive – things.

That’s part of being a writer, though. You have to budget your time, sacrifice things, rearrange schedules, move mountains, and still have dinner on the table by 7PM. As all twelve of you who regularly read my nonsense know, I have a child (who, by the way, just turned two last week), a husband, and a step-daughter who is a senior in high school and preparing for real life, real jobs, and college. I also work a full-time job and just happen to be chief cook and bottle washer in my household. Twenty-four hours is NOT enough to get everything accomplished that’s on my schedule in a single day, but I make it work. Hell, I do more than just make it work.

I rock that bitch.

Yeah, I’m awesome. I’m not afraid to admit it or to tell everyone in the world that I OWN THIS. Or rather, I will just as soon as the plans I’ve set in motion take hold. See, I haven’t just been lounging around, eating grapes from a male supermodel’s fingers and drinking wine. I’ve been working my butt off to make sure things are going to go the way I want them to.

You want proof that I’m not just sitting around with my thumb up my butt? How’s this for proof:

HAUNTED: That lovable story of delinquent grandchildren, ghosts, and really nasty consequences, is finally going to be reissued in eBook format. The lovely and talented Nicole Kurtz at Mocha Memoirs Press is pushing hard to get everything ready to go for next week. It is Women in Horror Month after all, and I’m a woman that just happens to write horror. What better time to push it? Right now we’re waiting on the cover art, then it’s gravy all the way to the finish line. Rock.

ARMAGEDDON RISING: Artwork request has officially been submitted. The illustrious Matt Perry has my ideas in-hand and I’m so excited about it that I could squeak. I have a virtual release party scheduled at Bitten By Books on May 28th, and ConCarolinas is the following weekend. I’m crazy-excited about this book, y’all. I mean really.

HEROES BEST FRIEND: The fabulous Scott Sandridge and Seventh Star Press have put together an anthology of animal companions, and yours truly is included.  Look What the Cat Dragged In is a fun little murder mystery told from the point of view of a talking tuxedo cat named Miko. This little gem hits e-shelves Friday, and the print version will be right on its tail…so to speak.

Oh, and how about a website?  The all new www.SHRoddey.com is up and out in the world! I’m still tweaking, but it’s getting okay.

If that’s not enough to prove my point, you’re welcome to smell my thumb, too. But that might be weird. I’m going to stop writing now. What I won’t do is make any ridiculous promises that I’m going to make more sense, talk more often, or do anything in particular. Just stay tuned. I’ll be back.



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