TCM Presents: “Kingdom of Vosh” by Jason C. Conley


Good morning, Creeps! It’s that time again… yep, I have Jason C. Conley in the hot seat today, playing 20 Questions. We’re talking about his writing, his life, and some interesting and random opinions. Pull up a chair and check out what he has to say. Then go pick up his new coming of age Steampunk adventure, “The Kingdom of Vosh”.

20 Questions with Jason C. Conley



About the Author

In 1999, Jason Conley drew a picture of a young woman’s face. It eventually became the cover of the book you now hold. When not consumed by writing or art, Jason canoes, fishes, and hikes the rolling hills of Tennessee with his family.

There are secrets to this world we live in. Some faintly whispered, others hidden in plain view. Some of those secrets have been carefully placed throughout this book. Truth and fiction, it is what we try to discern between every day, though I wonder is it even recognizable anymore?

Do we know the truth or are we simply told what to believe in and what is real? It is a journey we are all on. It will be up to you to decide which parts are which.

Break loose of those chains and look around you, because the truth… will set you free.


SHR: Tell us a bit about yourself:

JCC: Well, I’m 35 years old, and I’m a traditional artist and writer.  This is my first published novel and I did all the artwork including the cover for the book.  I would consider myself an outdoorsman, a tradesman, a tireless romantic, electronically though not mechanically inclined, and a father and husband.

SHR: Favorite movie?

JCC: The Empire Strikes Back.  I even have the Imperial March as my ringtone.  A perfect movie.  Godfather ranks up there as well but nothing beats Star Wars.

SHR: Favorite song?

JCC: Anything by the Smashing Pumpkins.

SHR: What’s worse for you: a bad reader review, or a bad review from a fellow author?

JCC: A bad reader review, because they are who we do this for.  If there is no audience, then there is no point really.  Their opinion matters much more than the “critics” and always will.

SHR: World building: fun game or awful chore?

JCC: Fun!  Just how crazy can you go and still make it seem believable?  Rocket-powered trains up a mountain?  Sounds good to me!

SHR: Do you feel non-human characters are required for a good story?

JCC: Not required but it does help to populate the world you are creating.  This isn’t reality, so people don’t know what the animals or aliens or machines look like in your world.  You have to describe those background characters too.

SHR: Your inspiration – is it from your imagination or from personal experience?

JCC: My imagination.  Thinking this stuff up isn’t the difficult part for myself.

SHR: Give us your opinion:  Editors – are they friends or enemies?

JCC: Frienemies.  They slice and dice with the hands of a butcher.  No remorse.  But it takes a fresh eye sometimes, someone with authority, not just your spouse.  So they are a distant friend.

SHR: How do you go about researching your stories?

JCC: I looked at historical events for background on the tyrannical government in my book.  Things such as the False Flag event of the burning of the Reichstag parliament building in 1933 in Germany.  I wanted certain events have a mirror in reality.  So when I have the government in Vosh create a terrorist event in order to drum up military support for war, this isn’t such a foreign idea.  It happens more often than we would think.

SHR: What comes first, the plot, the characters, or the setting?

JCC: The characters come first.  I did sketches of several, trying to get an overall sense of their personalities.  I knew who and what I wanted long before I knew what they would be doing.

SHR: Who is in control when you write, you or your characters?

JCC: I am in absolute control.  I initially killed a child character in my finale.  Had him dead for weeks until I finally decided to have mercy on the poor lad and only let him lose an arm.  It was only because I had loose ends with his plot that I gave him a reprieve.

SHR: When you write, is it with or without visual/audio stimulation (tv, music, etc.)?

JCC: With music, although it can’t have someone singing in it or I’d get confused!  Movie soundtracks work best I think.

SHR: If you were told you could never write again, what would you do to fill your time?

JCC: By drawing or painting, fishing, canoeing, hiking, or camping along the Hiwassee river here in Tennessee.  This is God’s country, man!

SHR: Religion in fiction: useful tool, dangerous weapon, or better left unsaid?

JCC: If handled correctly, it can be just as useful as a political undertone.  Authors have messages, and sometimes they are controversial. As long as things are handled respectfully and the intent is from an honest place, then authors should be given full reign.  If authors aren’t allowed to discuss controversial topics then who will?

SHR: Literary Hot Button: What are your thoughts on Writer’s Block? Does it exist? How do you overcome it?

JCC: It does exist and it’s due to a lack of inspiration.  You’re too close to your work.  You should step back and take a week or two off.  Let things settle in your mind and let your subconscious work a little bit in figuring this stuff out.

SHR: Tell us about this book and how we can get it:

JCC: A coming of age Steam Punk story set in the fantasy realm of Vosh.  It is sprinkled with Socio-political undertones but with a thick crust and gooey center of action and adventure.

The Kingdom of Vosh: The Chained Princess by Jason C. Conley is now available!  Hardcover, Paperback, or digital.
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SHR: What’s the weather like where you are today?

JCC: Cold and wet here in the dirty South.  Not humid though so that’s a plus!

SHR: Best monster ever: vampire, werewolf, or zombie?

JCC: Zombie.  Nothing scared me more than Night of the Living Dead growing up.  The classic black and white movie.  Absolutely terrifying!

SHR: If you could live in any period throughout history, which would it be and why?

JCC: Sometime in the middle ages.  The thought of going out to an unexplored land with just your horse, a sword, and your hands would be fantastic.  Modern life is too complex and stressful.

SHR: If the apocalypse happened tomorrow, how would you react?

JCC: If the Lord came back tomorrow I would be one happy little camper!


KingdomofVoshCoverBook Synopsis

Secrets have been formed in the dark corners of the kingdom. Change is in the air and whispers of new ideas and technologies have swept the land. Unfortunately, the King is old and simple and his daughter is concerned only with worldly possessions. A man by the name of Buul, a man long forgotten, has returned to pay a visit to the King on the King’s birthday. He has not come empty handed and will be the King’s undoing.

The King, in moments of panic and war, can trust no one with the protection of his daughter. He quickly decides to entrust her life with a creature most vile and uncommon and chains her to a Vork. He does not leave her empty handed though. His last gift to the Princess is an amulet with powers even he does not comprehend. The land’s only chance, the only one loyal to the King’s memory, is the daughter that cares nothing of the Kingdom of Vosh.

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