Free Books For Soldiers

Morning, Creeps!

One of my Facebook associates, Patrick Donovan, is asking for help. He wrote a book and is offering it free of charge to active US Military currently overseas. In the last few years, my family has become somewhat of a military family, so this one hit home in a sweet and noble way. I just wanted to pop in and share his kindness with all of you.

If you, or anyone you know, is active US Military, there is a free eBook copy of Demon Jack waiting for you. All you have to do is contact Patrick and let him know. His goal is to put this book in the hands of every soldier, free of charge.

You can find Patrick in these places:

Facebook | Blog | Twitter | Email

For you Non-Military folk who want to buy it, you can

And here’s a little about the book if you’re interested:

Demon Jack

Stay dead and go to Hell,
Or sell your soul to a demon and keep breathing.

Fifteen years ago, Jack died and chose the latter. Now, a few years out of prison and living on the streets of Boston, Jack is perfectly content to keep a low profile and avoid his turbulent past.

Being a faceless “nobody” suits Jack just fine.

It’s working out until the only person he considers a friend turns on him, possessed by something far worse than the demon holding the contract to Jack’s soul. Now, he’s been recruited (some might say blackmailed) by an ancient order with roots in the Inquisition to hunt down whatever malevolent force is responsible for turning Boston’s homeless into ravenous killers. At the same time, someone from his past with a massive vendetta and nothing in the way of conscience, is looking for Jack, hoping to issue a little payback of his own.

Paired with a centuries old witch and the only person to survive the rampage thus far, Jack is in a race to track down whatever’s responsible for killing his people, all while staying one step ahead of the skeletons in his closet.


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