Where Are They Now: Ellie Potts

It’s that time again, my lovelies… time to expose you to the next victim on my list. With me today is the lovely Ellie Potts, all the way from California. And let me tell you, she has been busy enough to make all of us look bad.

Let’s see what she’s up to, shall we?


I will admit the closing of NBP at the time hit me pretty hard, but I knew I wasn’t alone. I had met a bunch of new writer friends through NBP and this set back really pulled us together. We were there to cry on each other’s cyber shoulders, as well as give advice and help about places to resend our books once we got our rights back. I will always be grateful for all my writing buddies.

I had a lot of choices on what to do with my books. My husband had wanted me to start self publishing even before the closure. I wanted to say the idea was interesting and frightening all the same. It seemed like a lot of work especially for someone who has a full-time day job. After talking to some of my fellow ex-NBP authors; Melissa Darby and Samantha Drane we came up with Evolution Press.

Evolution Press is not a full indie publishing press. We are a support group. We have certain skills that we have each decided to share with one another to help us on our self publishing journey. We went live on July 1st and have enjoyed having more rights and say over our books as well as seeing our sales. We are open to help others too. We also have been toying with the idea of opening up submissions for a short story book which will probably be themed New Years with a release date in December 2013. You can actually check out our site here: http://evolutionpress.weebly.com/ Feel free to sign up for our newsletter which will talk about new releases, upcoming books, and promos.  

As for myself I have fully re-released all four books with new covers, edits and better formats. You can find them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Omnilit or All Romance and I do have The Unicorn and The Serpent in print on Createspace and Amazon! I am almost done editing my Dark Erotic Fantasy Awaken the Elements, which the cover is being drawn out and from what I see I love. I am hoping to release it this month, fingers crossed. The sequel, Playing with Magic, was my NANOWRIMO book last November is almost done-ish. I am working on a sweet romance, something I have never done before and it’s moving along easily. As soon as I finish with Awaken I can start really focusing on Blood Father the second Opposite Side book.

I believe I wouldn’t have gotten myself back on track if it wasn’t for Melissa, Samantha, Susan, Selah, Erica, Dakota, and the rest of my wonderful new friends I have gained. Thanks guys!!! 🙂


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