Turning Over New Leaves

It’s August 1st. I’m having a really hard time believing that, too. The time is whizzing past while I feel like I’m standing still. I’m not, really, but there are days when it feels like the rest of the world is forging ahead while I’m doing good to remain vertical.

The closing of NBP a few months back really knocked me for a loop. And I won’t lie, Fandom Fest was a kick in the teeth that only added insult to injury. But I’m better than that. I’ll hoist myself up by the bootstraps and keep trudging along. Honestly I’m too stubborn to do anything else.

So I thought of this grand plan to (a) keep me online and (b) minimize the work I have to put into developing new content because I’m nothing if not lazy. I tend to do a lot of this, so just go with it.  This month’s desperate plea for attention comes in the form of a “Where Are They Now” series from my fellow NBP castaways.

Since it’s my blog, I’m starting with myself, and I’m not ashamed to snatch the spotlight. [Insert cheeky grin here.]


S.H. Roddey

I’ve been hard at work making ends meet. Losing NBP meant losing my entire catalog, so it took a lot of rethinking and revising. Selah Janel and I teamed up to self-publish a collection of short stories entitled Lost in the Shadows. It contains one story from my NBP catalog, Last Ride, and is available in both Kindle and Paperback formats. Here’s the cover…isn’t it lovely?

Lost in the Shadows

Haunted is under contract with Mocha Memoirs Press out of North Carolina. Sadly I don’t have cover art to share yet, but it’s on the way. I have faith in Nicole and her people that it will be even more fabulous than before.

Devil’s Daughter is still up in the air. Lydia has started talking in a big way, and it turns out her first story is only a short precursor to a minimum four-book series. It’s in submission now, so she won’t be available until the fate of the Soul Collectors series has been determined.

I do have a story in the Big Bad Anthology… and I will say nothing else about Wolfy except it has been rated as “harsh” by the editor. I’m proud of that, considering what John did with hamburger meat in his…

And last but not least, in between writing Lydia’s stories and outlining future projects (and the next Sooper Sekrit Projeckt), I’m working on getting my LLC and starting up my own cover art and formatting services company. I’m particularly fond of the cover for Lost, and I have no problem admitting that yes, I did it.

So that’s where I stand. Tune in later for the next author on my list… we’ll be hearing from the ultra-amazing Erica Pike next!


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