It’s just about here! Yay! Fandom Fest begins in less than a week and I couldn’t be more excited!

Selah and I are splitting a table this year, which means all manner of hijinks! There’s no telling what we’ll get up to, so be sure to stop by once or twice or ten times and see what happens.  There will be books for sale, other stuff to buy, and even a giveaway or two. Yes, we’re shameless. I’m not above putting my husband out in front of the table in a sandwich board that says something of the effect of “COME BUY MY SHIT”, either.


So, In honor of the big weekend, here’s a list of where I’ll be panel-wise:


4:00 PM: Urban Fantasy Today


4:00 PM: Fan Fiction

5:30 PM: Whose Story is it Anyway? (Author Improv!)

7:00 PM: Love & Sex for Geeks


10:00 AM: Beta Reading (possibly…may give this one to someone who knows more about beta reading than me.)

11:30 AM: The Challenges of Co-Authoring


If you don’t find me at one of these locations, then you’ll absolutely be able to find me lurking around our table. We’ll be right across from the Seventh Star Press people, so be sure to stop by and say hi.



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