Jitterbug PR Presents: Writer’s Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Good morning, Creeps!

I have something special for you today. Since its inception, this is a project I’ve been extremely excited about, and now that it’s here I can barely contain my glee. The cover is awesome, the content is awesome, the contributors are awesome. It’s just…

It’s kinda nice.

I suppose I should stop geeking all over you and tell you what it is, huh? Well here you go. Seventh Star Press has released a fabulous tool for active and hopeful authors alike:

Writer's Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy

DO YOU SEE THAT GUEST LIST??? This is definitely one you want to pick up, no matter who you are or where you stand in the literary world. I say that with the tiniest bit of bias because they managed to get one of my heroes in on this: Neil Gaiman.

The lovely Ali Justice at Jitterbug PR set up this tour, and I can’t thank her enough for including me in the hijinks. We’ll be in and out all day today with exercpts, a few notes from the contributors, and even giveaways! Be sure to stop back in later today to see what else we’ve cooked up!

For now, I’ll leave you with a bit more information about the book and where you can get it:

Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy is a collection of essays and interviews by and with many of the movers-and-shakers in the industry. Each contributor covers the specific element of craft he or she excels in. Expect to find varying perspectives and viewpoints, which is why you many find differing opinions on any particular subject.

This is, after all, a collection of advice from professional storytellers. And no two writers have made it to the stage via the same journey-each has made his or her own path to success. And that’s one of the strengths of this book. The reader is afforded the luxury of discovering various approaches and then is allowed to choose what works best for him or her.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Amazon UK


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