COVER REVEAL: Pieces of You

My friend Kharisma Rhayne really is on a roll these days. I keep allowing her to come visit even though she’s really starting to make me look bad with all this stuff she’s doing. No matter. I still like her and enjoy having her around. Her crazy helps keep me from looking to nutty myself.

Today I’m helping her roll out the cover for the first in her Erotic Horror series, In Pieces. So take a look, read the blurb, and get ready to grab it when it hits shelves!

Pieces of You by Kharisma Rhayne


In Pieces – Book 1

Lacee is the perfect upper class mom and wife. She’s active at the schools of her children and is the perfect host with a great husband, at all the social gatherings. Seemingly destined to keep the peace that surrounded her childhood, when her grandparents died, she was left their farm property that was situated by a beautiful river. Though she had her home, it became her retreat.

As vacationers and other random people turn up missing within their city limits, the whole town becomes alarmed about what might be going on in their cozy world. Linc, Lacee’s husband and FBI agent, begins to worry for his own family due to how random the crimes, whatever they turned out to be, were. If someone was killing these people where were they putting the bodies? Who would want to destroy their little town?


Release is scheduled for late June with a full book tour beginning in July. To keep up on Lacee, Linc and the release of Pieces of You, please visit any or all of the following: WebsiteBlogFacebookPieces of YouTwitter



About Kharisma

Years ago, Kharisma traded in snow, ice and tornadoes for sun, heat, sand and mountains. She now lives in beautiful Arizona with her husband, kids & rescue dogs and goats.

Dabbling in writing through Junior High and High School, Kharisma officially got her start writing LGBT, BDSM and erotica. Never one to slow down, she started writing several additional genres including crime, medical, historical and paranormal. Her latest adventure is a dark horror. Her Highlander Mine serial is an unexpected success of which she hopes to have more.

When you pick up one of her books, she wants you to walk away turned on and inspired! Come take a stroll into Kharisma’s worlds of ecstasy, love, adventure and fear.



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