A Bloody Valentine: Ellie Potts

Our first victim today is a fellow No Boundaries Press author,  Ellie Potts.  She sacrifices for our pleasure today a short story called “Melissa’s Project”. Please take a seat, have a read, and enjoy.


Melissa’s Project

She loved working with her hands. She loved the feel of pressure of the needle as she forced it through, the pop as it gave way, and the satisfaction of pulling the thread through. She could do this forever. But she knew one day she would have to stop. She looked down at her new project with a proud smile and gleam in her eyes. Still, it made her warm and fuzzy inside as she worked on the project.

She finally looked at the time and realized she needed some sleep. After all she had to go back to the real world tomorrow. She hated the real world. With a sigh she packed up her craft stuff and dragged herself to the shower. Just the idea of waking up to go to work in the morning made her tired, but she didn’t feel tired when she was crafting.

That night was filled of sweet dreams as always when she was almost finished with a project. And she woke up. Already the idea of the day before her dampened her spirits but not this time. She had one more item to get to complete her craft.

Sitting at her desk with her headset her brown eyes watched the people move around her. She sighed as the phone rang.

“Boo,” Jordan pounced beside her make her jump and smile. It must be lunch time, she thought. She looked over at her the clock and sure enough.

“I need a coffee,” she said getting out of her chair listening to her legs and shoulders pop as she stretched.

“No coffee today,” Jordan said, “We are getting ice cream.”

“I don’t care for it that much.”

“Melissa, you have to go and see this guy who works there. He is gorgeous.”

Gorgeous? Hmm worth checking out. “Okay.”

After they found lunch Jordan took her to the ice cream place. The place was crowded, and she didn’t like crowds all too much. “Come on,” Jordan said pulling her along inside the crowd.

The noise and the closeness to so many people seemed to almost take over. Her head started to pound and her blood inside her body felt as if boiling. But then her brown eyes fell on the man behind the counter. Gorgeous, didn’t even fit the bill. He had the crystal blue eyes that just made her want to stare.

“What did I tell you?” Jordan whispered into her ear.

She looked at Jordan and the people in the ice cream shop. A small smile crept to her pouty lips. Tonight she would finish her newest craft. Excitement beat through her body, and for the first time in a long time she wanted some ice cream. She wanted to hear this guy’s voice.

Work took forever but when it was done she jumped into her car. And the world went black. She woke up at her home. Laid out in front of her was all her sewing kit. She picked up her thread and needle and went to work trying not to damage the newest piece.

Her phone went off. She looked at the time. 8 pm. She never got phone calls around this time. “Hello?”

“Melissa, have you checked out the news?”

“You know I hate the news,” she replied.

“The gorgeous ice cream guy disappeared after work last night.”

Last night? “Jordan what day is it?”

“Monday silly,” she said and went on about how crazy it was he disappeared.

“I have to go,” she said hanging up the phone and walked over to the large mirror on the wall. Dread weighed heavy on her chest.

“Why are you so worried about it?” she asked her reflection.

Her reflection blinked and smiled at her. “I do the dirty work and you get to play doing your little crafts.”

“You were supposed to only take up a few hours not a whole day!” She screamed at the mirror.

“Now, now,” the reflection said and reached out to touch her. A pain flashed through her head and she fell to her knees screaming. She pressed her palms to her head. But the pain wouldn’t let up instead it took her back to the night before. The pictures of her talking to the ice cream man flew by as well as the part of her bringing the bat down on his head. The struggle with shoving him into the trunk was relatively easy the weight lifting had been very helpful.

Now it flashed her home. Into the room she never goes into. The pain still there she used the wall to get to her feet. Unsteadily she made her way to the back room. She had no time to take in a deep breath and pushed open the door. The stink of the decomposing bodies hit her hard making her stomach clench tight.

“Stop that,” her reflection over the dresser said. “We both know that you really don’t mind that.”

“You were supposed to-” she paused as more story came to her.

She had the ice cream man bound down to her folding masseuse table. Half unconscious and half doped up. She sharpened her blade and let it slip easily into his skin. It moved with her hand easily. The blood started to leak and she was laughing. The vision fast forward and she had removed the skin and now naked she played in the chest cavity she had broken open with giant pliers.

She rolled around in the blood, tissue and organs. She reveled in the silky warmness as it coated her bare skin. She smelt of thick copper and bile from the organs. The blood and some of the bile would splash in her mouth as she laughed and played and it excited her making her want more. She started tasting the pieces she lay on. Small bites of the liver, the kidney, and accidently took a bite of the upper intestine which she spat out.

“Yuck,” she said as she rubbed her gore covered hand on her tongue.

She had spent most of the day in the body until it became cold and gelatinous. Sadly she pulled herself away from the body and went to the shower. When it was done she turned the messaging head on the pulsing side and beat it along her sensitive spots, it still wasn’t enough so she turned the water hotter. The pain seared her sensitive flesh and she thought of the ice cream man, the way the knife slipped into his flesh oh so easy, the sound of the pliers breaking into his rib cage, and she orgasmed violently.

She pulled herself out of the shower satisfied on shaky legs. She grabbed the crafting set throwing it on the table, and went back to fetch the item her other side needed.

Melissa opened her eyes the pain in her head gone. Her brown eyes went over to the mirror. “Go back to your crafting,” her mirror self told her.

She nodded and walked back to her table. There on the table she had almost finished creating the newest chair cover. It still bled but she would dry it. It stuck of rotten meat, but the smell would go away. The skin pillow was nearly complete. She reached out to throw a piece of heart in her mouth. The tangy copper slid down her throat.

What Melissa didn’t know is they found a hair at the scene that brought the cops to her. That night as she spoke to the psychiatrist she remembered how her victim’s eyes never kept the color, but their clean skin made the best pillows to sleep on. The cops called her the Valentine Killer, because she said she ate the hearts of her victims which to her tasted liked ice cream.

How to Find Ellie:

Website: http://authorelliepotts.weebly.com/
Blog: http://authorelliepotts.blogspot.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/fangirlellie
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/FanGirlEllie


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