A Bloody Valentine: Belialian Woman

Here’s something a little different. Hydra M. Star from the Word Weavers group sent this to me. It’s creepy, it’s cool, and it’s strictly ADULTS ONLY. The Belalian Woman seems to be a project that just won’t quit. Take a look, but make sure you’re not at work.
  Belialian Woman The Complete Collection Cover
Something sexy and horror filled for you and your anti-Valentine’s.

Adults Only!

This collection contains art and articles dealing with sex and other adult themes. Reader discretion is advised.

Walpurgisnacht sampleBorn in late 2010, the “Belialian Woman” was the first creative partnering of Hydra M. Star and Dave Lipscomb and was a regular feature in Horrotica, an online magazine that which primarily published erotic horror fiction, art, and poetry. The magazine is now gone, but the “Belialian Woman” refuses to die. This is the complete collection of “Belialian Woman” articles published by Horrotica Magazine, running from December 2010 until December 2012.

Godildo sample
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