A Bloody Valentine

It’s that time of year again, when hearts and flowers hover from every crack and crevice, when the scent of roses permeates the air, when young lovebirds float around on their pink cotton candy clouds of romantic bliss…

To be honest, it makes me want to vomit.

While I have my share of romantic tendencies, the whole concept of Valentine’s Day just gets under my skin. If you want to know the reason behind this ooey-gooey day, Read This Article. I’m just not up for a history lesson today. I’d much rather discuss more fun things.

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the tragic case of lovesickness that seems to have befallen the world as a whole, I present to you a three-day feast of famine, fear, and carnage.

Over the next three days, any who dare to dread here will witness spectacles of the creepy and disturbing.

Be sure to come back often, because I have lots of visitors stopping by with short stories, flash fiction, poetry and guest posts that they’re DYING to share…


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