I don’t make them. And I don’t for one very simple reason: I don’t like letting myself down when I don’t keep them. Every year I swear I’m going to do all these things – to lose weight, to be a better writer, employee and overall person, to do this or that… the only way I’m going to keep a resolution is if I vow to quit smoking.

And the only reason I’ll keep it is because I don’t smoke. Sad, isn’t it?

Everyone asked me back at New Year’s what my resolutions were and they looked at me like I was nuts because I said I wasn’t making any. If I swore to be a better blogger, I’d have failed already. It’s the 15th and this is my first non-publicity post of the year. I haven’t actually finished a story since the calendar change, but that isn’t because I’m not trying.

I’m busy. Really busy.

Work + Toddler = EXHAUSTED.

I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate to do on this end, too. I have to get back in gear and start with promotion again. I have to plan out my convention season. I have to keep blogging. But first and foremost, I have get my head on straight and figure out which direction I’m going. If I don’t do that, then all is lost. Pretty sad, ain’t it?

I’m also sort of agonizing. The edits have started to surface for the Big Bad Anthology… and from some of the comments I’ve seen, our dear editor is a bit on the tough side. If some of the awesome people in that anthology are having red-pen nightmares, I’m terrified to see what mine is going to look like. When I get mine, I’ll only let the hissy fit last 30 seconds. I promise.

Plus some friends and I have taken on a new project – The Wyrde Sisters. The training wheels are still on this one, so be patient with us! It’s going to take some time to get it going the way we want.

So… In lieu of resolutions, I’ve set a few personal goals that I’d like to keep this year. If I don’t quite make it, I won’t be letting myself down because there isn’t a time limit. Well, on the first one there is…

1. Finish the Sword & Sorcery submission for Seventh Star Press’s anthology call.

2. Write up a proposal on the gianormous space opera/epic fantasy/sword and sorcery mashup.

3. Start on the epic fantasy series.

4. Get moving again on the soul collectors series.

5. Get all of my beta-reading / review projects read and returned to their respective owners.


I still don’t get enough sleep, you know.


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