Backlist Bash: Charlie Kenmore

Welcome to Day Two of the Backlist Bash! With me is my good friend CHARLIE KENMORE. He’s pimping his Sci-Fi/Fantasy Adventure Earth Angel. I’d tell everyone that this is a fabulous book, but that might make me seem a little biased…


SHR: What makes this particular book your favorite?

CK: Earth Angel was my first book. It was a birthday present for my significant other, Alexx Momcat. About three months before her birthday, I thought about unique birthday presents. She loves paranormal romances. I thought , “I’ll write her a paranormal romance. How hard can it be?” Three months later, her birthday arrived and I had only finished Book One. I was content to leave the story at that point, but Alexx insisted that I had to finish the rest of the novel since it was her birthday present.


SHR: Who published it? When?

CK: Earth Angel is published by Damnation Books (Sept. 2011).


SHR: Tell us a little about what you went through to get it published.

CK: I put a blurb up at Publisher’s Trove on Yahoo, and received requests from several publishers. The first one I sent the book to was a startup. The company accepted the novel and set a tentative publication date for June. The date got pushed back several times to November.

In November, ten days before the book was due out, the company folded.

I sent the book next to the acquisition editor at Eternal Press who had expressed interest after the Publisher’s Trove blurb. She couldn’t take it for Eternal Press, but accepted it for their sister company Damnation Books. We started editing in May. In June, I received the final art work that “I approved” for the cover. However, I had never seen any proposed cover art. I liked the basic design, but there was one major problem. We got that problem taken care of and the book was ready for the presses.


SHR: On writing in general: What’s the hardest part for you? Why?

CK: I’m a pantser. Sometimes I’ll have a grand finale in mind and have to write a story to get there. Other times, I’ll have a scene in mind or a couple of characters, and just start writing to see where it leads. I expect the Muse to give me the story straight the first time. So the most difficult part of writing for me is when the Muse is not cooperating and the story goes off in a direction that I never anticipated, so I have to either go back and change part of the story or surrender the grand finale which no longer makes any sense. Also, being a flawless typist, I hate having to go back and correct all the mistakes that the word processor stuck in my work.


SHR: Unrelated: What’s your favorite color?

CK: Green.



Sci-Fi / Fantasy


There are seven parallel worlds known as the Seven Realms which are separated by a Veil, six of which are inhabited by all manner of entities, some natural, some not.  But that may not be the case for much longer.  The first portion of the High Sidhe Prophecy of the Sevens has been fulfilled.  The Anarch has escaped from the Veil.  The Anarch is one with the Veil.  She can part or drop the Veil wherever and whenever she chooses.  If she so decides, she can lift the Veil in its entirety.  The Seven Realms will converge. The laws of physics and magic will collide head on.  Unless she is stopped, there will be nothing left. 

Queen Amura of the Qpiad has called for an assembly of the signatories to the High Sidhe’s Second Accords, a multi-realm peace treaty to consider how to deal with the threat of the Anarch. But an Earthside TechnoWitch and other dark forces also are seeking to control the Anarch.  Prince Dzhok (now going by Jack) of the Qpiad, High Sidhe Ambassador Salash (Jack’s oldest friend and periodic lover), and Valkyrie Brunhilde set out to find and befriend the Anarch before all is lost.



Jack took a moment, and then he saw the light. Unfortunately, it appeared to be attached to an oncoming train. Jack was no pacifist. Like Salash, he would kill to protect his children (and had). But as a pansexual high blood Prince of the Human Whisperers and Allied Kinds, “make love, not war” was not a mere platitude, but rather was the very core of his being. Jack knew that he would have little influence on the upcoming gathering in Paradox. This was not a symposium. It was a war council. The outcome was fairly certain. His Mother and her allies would seek to kill the Chosen. And they would fail miserably.

“We have to find her first.”

“Exactly, Jack.”

You’ve got mail.

Salash reached over and pulled the MAPP out of Jack’s pocket. She rolled down her window, and with a flick of her wrist, sent it pin wheeling into a fresh steaming pile of bison dung. Salash paused and scanned the tree line. She was fairly certain at least one of the shadows had flinched.






Be Sure to check out Damnation Books for more great authors!


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