Writing Scary Things Does Not A Lunatic Make…

…or something like that.

My point is this: just because a writer has a wild imagination does not mean that s/he is insane. The insanity helps (trust me on this), but it isn’t required. Take me, for instance.

I’m – at least I think I am – a well-adjusted, intelligent and balanced human being. I have a steady job and a family and I know how to make nice with the worst types of people. I don’t feel the need to jump across a desk and stab people in the throat (okay, so there have been days when I’ve wanted to throw things and be really nasty, but it hasn’t gotten to the stabbing point yet), and I don’t fantasize about blood and guts all over the floor.

Yes, I’ve written some damn freaky things.  Don’t believe me? Just wait… I have a story in No Boundaries Press’ upcoming splatterpunk anthology that will definitely mess with people’s heads. There blood, guts, and sex.  And even a little bit of rock n’ roll. All at one time.

In another story I have a crazy chick who kills and cuts up her boyfriend.  This guy had it coming, though…he hit her. It should be a lesson to all men – don’t think you’re safe when you beat a woman. You never know her breaking point.

I also write tons of other things, too. I write fantasy and science fiction. Urban Fantasy. Even a bit o’ sword and sorcery. Things like that don’t cause people to recoil in fear… so why should the exploration of darker topics set off the squick-factor?

It’s the blood, isn’t it? [I knew it…I KNEW it was the blood. People just don’t like blood!]

But you know, the same thing goes for erotic romance writers… people look at them like they’re perverts when they’re just having fun. I would know…I write that too.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing creativity in any way, shape or form, and I’m not just saying that personal expression. That’s called censorship, and it’s bad.

Thirty years ago, people looked down their noses at science fiction writers as hawkers of pulp trash… and look where they are today. They’re legends. They were pioneers.  And they’re still selling books.

There is a second point to this rant…I promise.  And that point is this:

Never run someone down for what they write. Chances are one day you’re going to look back and realize that while you were complaining, you were missing the beginning of greatness. Example?

Stephenie Meyer – while the verdict is still out on Twilight as a whole, the woman is rich! She has a four-book series that is an international bestseller. She has a movie franchise from the books that people also happened to go wild over around the world… even if you don’t like the story, you have to admit… she did something worth noticing. She gave the masses what they wanted.

Same with E.L. James… even if you don’t agree with the subject matter (which personally I don’t…not really the subject matter but the manner in which the subject is handled), she’s another one that gave the people what they wanted.  It’s all about appeasing the masses, right?

Each person reaches the goal of acquiring readers in different ways. They might not all be the most conventional, but if it works then more power to them.

I just prefer not to have to defend myself against funny glances and condescending stares when someone finds out that I might have sort of killed someone just a little bit in one of my stories. As long as my murderous tendencies stay on paper, we’re good right?



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