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Let’s talk about fear for a minute… it’s relevant, I promise.

Don’t you like to be scared? Just a little?  You have to admit, there’s a certain thrill to the idea of being totally out of control, or having one of your major faculties taken away from you. It’s why people visit haunted houses – that feeling of helplessness can be attained in a controlled environment. It’s great to have that thrill…so long as you know you’re coming out on the other side without a scratch on you.

But…and go with me on this… what happens when you don’t know if you’re going to make it out? How does it make you feel to think you might end up in that hopeless situation? It doesn’t sound like so much fun anymore, does it?

You have to admit, though, the thrill is still there.

Ask Bobby about that…


When Bobby Gaston walks into a diner and orders a beer with his breakfast, he can’t quite remember why he needs the fortification. While he wants to remember, he’s pretty sure he doesn’t want to know what happened. He strikes up a conversation with the cute little waitress, Sheila, who offers him a ride back to the house on Normandy Road where he claims his ghost-hunter friends are sleeping after a night of exploration in the spooky old mansion.

Only, Bobby knows his friends aren’t just sleeping. He inherited the house from his grandfather, and while his memory is hazy, his unerring knowledge that something evil lurks inside makes him hesitate. But with the spunky and impetuous Sheila by his side, the darkness doesn’t seem so bad… until she leaves him hanging.

Bobby is left with two options: turn tail and run, or face his personal demons while fighting against the evil that waits for him.

Where to get it:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | No Boundaries Store


Or leave me a comment (be sure to include an email address) to win a copy. One lucky winner will receive his or her choice of Amazon or Nook format, shipped directly to the email inbox of choice.


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