SSS: Trick or Treat

Published April 1, 2012 by administrator

Week #2!  I’m so excited to be here, too.

This week I’m sharing a piece from a work-in-progress entitled “Trick or Treat”.  Enjoy!


Overhead the night sky was littered with stars.    The moon, little more than a pale sliver, hung low on the horizon.  The atmosphere would begin to change color soon – he could feel morning coming.

They were two days out of New York, and still another day from New Orleans – the destination he’d only learned upon boarding.  With each night that melted away into dawn, Henry’s anxiety grew.  He hadn’t a clue what was in store for him, but the closer he came to his destination, the more he felt he’d made a grave mistake.

For more stories, check out the Six Sentence Sunday website!


3 comments on “SSS: Trick or Treat

  • Hmmm, now this has me intrigued. Why is he going to New Orleans and what has his six sense screaming that there is something wrong. Great six this week!

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