Masochism – Not Just for Masochists Anymore!

Yeah, I suddenly feel the need to torture myself in horrible, horrible ways.  I’m just getting back on my feet, really.  The last two months have been a lot of work and have seen a gross lack of sleep, willpower, and general capacity for basic understanding of the English language, but we’re finally starting to even out.  (I say we, because there is more than one person inside this crazy head of mine.)

So back to that title statement.

I’m feeling the need to punish myself by opening my brain up to anyone who happens to stop by.

Since Kharisma felt the need to drag me into the Punk You blog, I’m taking it one step farther and allowing our readers to choose my next story.  It’s kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure in reverse.  You pick the prompts, and I write the story based on what I’m given.

Prompt submission doesn’t end for another thirty hours, so there’s plenty of time to hop over and help destroy my brain.  Want to play?  Here’s how:


In that comment, give me a prompt – it can be a photo, word, or phrase.  Just one.  It isn’t fair if everyone gangs up on me and gives me more than one.  It can be absolutely anything you can think of…and trust me, one of my darling friends has already left me something that makes me simultaneously laugh and want to vomit.

At 5:00 EST tomorrow (that’s Friday), submissions close.  I then have the weekend to take the mess and write a horror story using all of the prompts provided.  Yes, all of them.  You give the ideas, I pick the order.   Said story will be completed and posted to the Punk You blog by 2:00 PM on Tuesday.

Come on, everyone…torture me.

You know you want to.


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