Beep Beep, Ritchie…

I have a friend… I know, it’s surprising isn’t it?

ANYWAY… I have a friend named Kharisma, and we’ve recently discovered that the two of us think WAY too much alike for any good to come of the two of us being within screaming distance.  She started a horror blog a few months back called PUNK YOU and suckered me into contributing to it.  The first thing we did was fill out these silly questionnaires, and in rereading them I realized that some people might think one person filled out both.

What stood out the most is that we’re both ridiculous Stephen King fangirls.

And when I say ridiculous, I mean RE-FREAKING-DICULOUS.

I own everything the man has ever written and I’ve read almost all of it.  A few of the newer ones are still on my to-be-read shelf, but I’ll get there.  I picked up my first Stephen King book when I was 10 years old (a copy of The Dark Half), and never looked back.  Over the years the man has scared me more times than I can count, and you can see more of that in THIS POST over at the Punk You blog.

But it goes beyond just hero worship here… there’s also a driving curiosity.  While he’s my personal literary hero, I also want to know more about the man behind the books.  I’d love to know what makes him tick, where the ideas come from, and how many of his books are written from his own personal arsenal of phobias.

Forgive me for wanting to get inside people’s heads.

And while we’re talking about Uncle Stevie and horror in general, let me tie in the title of this post – It… that book scared the ever-loving hell out of me and still does.  I have a pathological fear of clowns (but most of you already knew that), so knowing that a clown is out there that eats kids?

Yeah, I’m gonna run the other way, thank you.

But I read the book because I’m a little bit of a masochist.  And because I’ve read almost everything the man has written.  And because reading it fuels my imagination and takes me to very scary places.  And I want to share that fear with the rest of the world.  It’s why I write horror.

Though I do have to admit that Pennywise in the movie is something I can’t take seriously.  All I hear when I see it is “Sweet Transvestite”… because let’s face it, Tim Curry is not scary once you’ve seen him prancing around in women’s lingerie.

Can I get a Hell Yeah for Rocky Horror?

No?  Okay…that’s fine.  I’ll just continue to stew in my own madness.

But back to the point.

*stands up*  Hello, my name is Susan.  And I’m a Stephen King addict.


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