Chats, Resolutions, and Sparkling Balls of Death

First – a bunch of us are hanging out on the No Boundaries Facebook Page today.  Anyone who wants to come play with us is welcome.

So about those resolutions…

I haven’t made any.  Don’t plan to.  Resolutions are sort of like a trap to me.  Last year I did make one resolution – to actually get off my duff and publish something.

As you can see – I’ve just about accomplished that.  Siobhan has lots of stuff out and under contract.  I have a freebie coming out on the 8th (more details to follow), and then Haunted comes out toward the end of the month.  I’m very excited.

Now that I’ve met that goal, I don’t think I want to force myself to have so many contracts or do this or do that… especially not with Miss Alice steadily trying to claw her way out (we’re down to about 3 weeks before her debut, folks), a full-time job, and a series of opinionated and demanding cats.

My goal this year – THIS IS NOT A RESOLUTION – is simply this:  don’t give up.  No matter how frustrated I get with the process or how outdone I become with myself and stupid ideas, I can’t let myself give up on this.  Not when it’s the one thing I’ve wanted to do my whole life.

Oh, yeah…I mentioned death, didn’t I?

While I do personally know one big sparkly ball of death – fellow NPBer and real-life friend Zillah Anderson – she isn’t the one I’m talking about.

No, I’m talking about the ticking disco ball of destruction in my head.  Siobhan keeps trying to take control and write hearts and flowers among the mayhem.  I’m just NOT in the mood for that crap right now, so she’s not-so-patiently waiting in the corner and pouting.  Could be a good thing – if I piss her off enough, she might even decide to help me.

Considering I feel like I’m starring in the movie Alien, I’d much rather massacre things.

So right now I’m killing people in two ways – really gory evisceration, and ritual old-world body-snatching sacrifice.

While blood and guts don’t exactly sparkle, it really is sort of like a disco ball in my head – a constantly rotating thing throwing off shafts of – well, not light necessarily, but something that gets people’s attention – and I’m a bit helpless to escape its pull.

And one more thing…

I have a free read due out through NBP on January 8th, called Last Ride.  Cover and Blurb, you ask?  Why of course…


Jim has to escape, to put as much distance between himself and the carnage as possible, but as his truck slips and slides on the snowy North Carolina interstate he discovers that it might already be too late…


One thought on “Chats, Resolutions, and Sparkling Balls of Death

  1. pbbbbt, I am the original sparkly ball o’ death

    Sparkly Ball of Death…that sounds like a band name or an event we should host in the next few years…GASP – a splatterpunk ball!!!!!!!

    You know you love me

    – Zill

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