First Look: Haunted

No Boundaries Press
Coming January 2012

Isn’t it lovely?  It was done by the wildly talented Dakota Trace at NBP, and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s dark, it’s creepy, and it makes me very happy.  Even though NBP is a start-up company, the girls in charge are fantastic.  Kharisma and Kaleigha are both very quick on the draw, and so easy to talk to… I am very excited to work with both of them.

But enough about me… this is what you get to look forward to with this book:

When Bobby Gaston walks into a diner and orders a beer with his breakfast, he can’t quite remember why he needs the fortification. While he wants to remember, he’s pretty sure he doesn’t want to know what happened. He strikes up a conversation with the cute little waitress, Sheila, who offers him a ride back to the house on Normandy Road where he claims his ghost-hunter friends are sleeping after a night of exploration in the spooky old mansion.

Only, Bobby knows his friends aren’t just sleeping. He inherited the house from his grandfather, and while his memory is hazy, his unerring knowledge that something evil lurks inside makes him hesitate. But with the spunky and impetuous Sheila by his side, the darkness doesn’t seem so bad… until she leaves him hanging.

Bobby is left with two options: turn tail and run, or face his personal demons while fighting against the evil that waits for him.


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